Battlefield 3 multiplayer experience is as delightful as a metric ton of horse shit


Seriously Electronic Arts / DICE. I should be saying this nicely, but I can’t and I don’t care anymore. What the fuck is going on with Battlefield 3? How have you managed to make playing the game online such a pain in the ass? Today I decided to play BF3 because it has been a while. I launched EA Origin. Oh, new update, okay. Boom, my credentials were gone from the login screen of Origin. What sense it makes to have a “remember me” box in the client if it actually constantly forgets you?

Another issue, the stupid game launcher. Working on a web browser. Except it mostly is not working. Today it announced I had to install updated plugin to play. I installed. I reinstalled. No dice. I rebooted. Did it work? Nah. Reboot again, reinstall plugin, test Campaign mode. Finally.

Onwards to multiplayer. Select settings and join server. Wait for game to load only to be greeted with error message saying “BF3 has stopped working”. After restarting everything once again I finally got into multiplayer. I felt I was moderately content, until I got kicked from server after short while. Why? I don’t fucking know. Must be something to do with Punk Buster. The error message reads “Game disconnected: you were kicked by PunkBuster. Stated reason: PunkBuster kicked player (for 0 minutes) … This PB Server Requires (A1386 C2.331) – Error loading pbcl.”

So now Electronic Arts / DICE I need (A1386 C2.331). Where can I get my (A1386 C2.331), because (in theory) I would like at least be able to play the game I bought. This multiplayer experience is really as delightful as a metric ton of horse shit.

(This piece was originally written as a Facebook note earlier. However, as those notes don’t seem to be world-readable, I have republished the text here.)

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