Payday 2 should have a professional female character

In case you have missed it, Payday 2 is out and it is doing great. I have already logged 100+ hours on it. Overkill Software has promised additional game content as DLCs. There have been rumors of a female character appearing to accompany Dallas, Hoxton, Chains and Wolf.

The businesswoman look I’d like to see in Payday 2 in the future. CC BY 2.0 by Flickr/Victor1558

I’d like to see female character happening too. I have one overall wish for the character. Make it classy. Seriously, make it happen. The character should be pretty much the perfect female counterpart of the male heisters. I’d like her to have the looks of a smart and calm businesswoman. Like the one pictured above. She should wear straight trousers and decent shoes (not high heels) to be able to run plausibly. She should not wear some kind of stupid bikini armor where skimpier means better better protection which, sadly, is sometimes the case with female characters in fantasy games. As pointed out by the developer also, her movement should be remodeled according to real women instead of using the ones from Hoxton, Dallas, Chains and Wolf.

Her voice acting should be firm and the sense of being in control should be heard from her voice. Se should shout the same kind of profanities and commands Bain and the rest of the gang like to use. Don’t make her a special case character unable to use curse words just because she is a woman. And also, please, don’t create any kind of romantic involvement scenario affecting her and rest of the group because it goes to shit instantly. Keep it professional. That’s all I want.

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