Chair-bombing at work

About a month back or so I got to the office in the morning as usual. I sat down on my office chair. For a while things were as any other morning. Then I started to hear eerie music with a weird male voice-over. I had difficulties locating the source first. I checked under the laptop, behind it, under the table. Then I noticed that the sound came from bottom of my chair.

Trigger mechanism for the office chair.

I took a look and.. just whoa! You cannot make this up. My workmates had rigged my office chair. Ingenious! They had used some USB powered promotional video board to play the weird video file. Then they had removed the power cords, soldered them to a micro switch and attached it to the base of my chair with electrical tape. They told me they had used quite a while in fine-tuning this installation. Good work, it actually worked very nice.

The video board itself attached to the chair.
Video board cover opened. Input power wires are connected in the trigger mechanism.
Trigger mechanism exposed. Power wires are attached to a mechanical micro switch.
Video board on table.
Apparently board memory chip. Text reads: hynix KOR HY27UF082G2A TPCB 802A.
The board main processor. Possibly some kind of PowerPC SoC. Label reads: FI (or F1) E200 CC009DA 1CV1.

I decided to save the board as I may be able to change the displayed video file. Talking about videos, I took this shot to YouTube to demonstrate the rigging in action. Enjoy!


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