Disabling annoying Bluetooth dongle LED the hard way

I recently bought a Bluetooth dongle for my wireless keyboard. After lots of measurements, I ended up fixing it to ceiling for optimal signal quality. There was a problem though; the LED. The pulsating blue LED was just too much for me. Or judge yourself, imagine this:

pulsating wildly every night on the ceiling. Not my thing. I could not find anything with google about disabling programmatically the LED, so I went the hard way and removed the entire LED from the dongle myself with soldering iron.This is the thing, Fuj:tech (wat, Fujitek? Fujitech?) BT402B Bluetooth dongle:

I don’t know if the manufacturer has had an accident or so, but the unit is extremely hard-hackable because it is easy to open. The package is nevertheless firm enough to not fall apart by itself. I started by by inserting fingernail to the visible border and prying:

Cover comes off:

“PCB caddy” can be drawn out of the metallic connector housing:

And the PCB itself comes of easily from the caddy:

Locating the LED is a no-brainer:

For curiosity, pictue of PCB backside:

Then the actual removal. It is easiest to just take a blob of soldering tin and dip the LED with it, the push the component away. Here the removed LED is in the sad blob:

It is good policy to clean afterwards to not cause any unwanted short circuits:

Reassembly is also quite easy. Here all parts laid on table:

PCB drops into the caddy:

Flipped everything upside-down for easier reassembly:

Caddy slides back to the connctor housing:

After slide + flipping the things around again the only thing left is to attach the “cap” back:

Final, reassembled product:

Testing, no side-effects encountered and the Bluetooth dongle is finally without annoying blue disco lights:

Update 2021-09-27:

Due to reader’s request, here are some microscope pictures of the unit components:


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  1. Do you know anything about the chipset the device is using? Any deep info about the dongle would be appreciated as I’m looking into using these for security research.

    1. I took a short look around but I could not find it anymore. I moved recently so things may be bit misplaced. I will search a couple of more boxes later.

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