Fixing snapped Turtle Beach X12 headset with a secret weapon – a metal ruler!

Turtle Beach headphones are notoriously easy to break and so was the case with my Turtle Beach X12 headset also. They snapped apart:

Actually this was probably my 3rd pair to get busted. I got very angry at Turtle Beach because they designed such a weak point in the product, and angry at myself for buying the same product after every breakage.

With local retail store valuing new set some 100 USD and me wanting to save a bit of environment, I decided to try fixing them.

I was walking around in the local hardware supermarket. I knew I was going to find something feasible to fix the headphones. Then lo and behold, my eyes fixated on to a metal ruler.

I knew this was the key to success, so I took it home.

No construction is perfect without duct tape (called Jesus tape in Finland for some reason), so I applied small amount around snapped area to provide initial support and gripping surface for cable ties.

Next I bent the metal ruler into approximate shape, cut away the extra amount and dremeled all the corners smooth to not get cuts.

Next I added a bit of double LAN cables to outer surface of the snapped area to act as a support structure:

Finally I installed a bunch of cable ties to hold the metal in place:

I dremeled any sharp corners from the cable ties and I was ready:

The construction is extremely sturdy. Sure it adds weight and makes adjustment a bit pain (when your hair grows for example), but the construction won’t budge at all. Cost of fix was aroung 10 USD, one tenth the cost of new headphones.

Overall I’m very satisfied about this method and hope I can help other people having the same problem.

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